What You Can Do In St. George Utah On A Vacation

St. George in Utah is a wonderful place to start if you are going to head up to Utah from Las Vegas, or even from Arizona, you will come right to St. George. It is a location that is almost directly on the Arizona-Utah border, and it is very close to several state parks. If your goal is to start moving up Highway 15, you are going to pass through many well-known locations. You will go right by Zion National Park, and if you take the 9 to 89, you can go to Bryce Canyon and then subsequently Moab where you can go to Arches National Park. However, if you simply want to stay in St. George, here are some things you can do.

St. George Temple

This is a religious site that you might be interested in seeing. It has a very beautiful appearance. It is recommended that you see it not only during the day but also in the evening when it is completely lit up. You do not have to be a member of the Mormon church to see it. It is therefore everyone to appreciate. Once you have done that, you may want to consider getting a bite to eat.

Fio’s Culinary Adventures

This is a place that makes it fun to go out for a meal. They offer private chef dinners, culinary tours, and you will soon see that they take their food very seriously. You can go to their website to see what awards they have one for the different meals they prepared. They also offer custom private events. This might be something that you will want to consider doing if you are staying in St. George for a couple of days.

There are several other places that you can go while you are there which will include the Brigham Young Winter Home Historical site. It is well worth the visit and you can learn more about religion and its founders, and then you can go over to Kayenta to experience the more natural aspects of this area of Utah. Additionally, there is Ancestor Square, and also Petroglyph Park once you have done all of these things, you will realize that your vacation in St. George, even if it was only for a couple of days, will be one of your favorite trips.